Monday, February 03, 2014

1/144 Vickers Windsor and Boeing B-17 B/C/D - Anigrand

1/144 Vickers Windsor and Boeing B-17 B/C/D - Anigrand

The Vickers Windsor is an interesting technological development resulting in a number of prototypes being produced, but ultimately upgrades to the Lancaster proved more cost effective. Nice subject and hopefully will have some interesting bonuses - Vickers Type 432,Martin Baker MB 5? A Vickers Victory would make a good future Anigrand 'Huge Bird' release!

The Boeing B-17B/C/D is a strange choice, will this be a 3 in 1 series, or just the one with parts for 3 options? If the latter, then this is going to be a small kit and maybe some more impressive bonuses?

Well, it would appear that S&M Models had recently issued their Vickers Windsor.

However, there are the two recurring problems with S&M
   i) their name and the internet don't mix well,
   ii) they don't appear to have a website (and if they do its impossible to find due to issue (1))

1/144 Vickers Windsor by S&M

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