Tuesday, October 28, 2014

1/144 F-16 "High Detail" F-Toys

1/144  F-16  "High Detail"  F-Toys 

The translation is a bit wooly, though it appears F-Toys have announced they are to "pause" the Wing Kit Collection  after the VS collection, and/or start producing a set of "High Detail" models (that wont be available via confectionery stores - so, through model hobby stores?)

Radjapan has confirmed (check out their new items):

The F-Toys blog says wing kit collections will take a break for a while. They use the word,”Take a break” about the Vol.15. So the Vol.15 could show up someday. 

F-Toys is also planning on releasing new series and they call it “High-Spec series” (something like Gimix). The High-Spec series Vol.1 is F-16 Fighting Falcon. They will come out next January or so.

So F-Toys goes with “VS series” and “High-Spec series” in the future.

Source: http://d.hatena.ne.jp/ftoys/20141027 and KG144BBS


Q said...

The new series seems to be called High Spec Series. The F-16s are scheduled to be sold in January.

Anonymous said...

Really sorry to see the wing kit series go. I always look forward to them with great excitement.

rmasu said...

I wrote a e-mail in 2012 to ftoys..

-Wing Kit Collectio : Hawker Tempest

Mig-3 (nice colors like that winter version)
P-36 (french,finnish,american).,
La-5/7 , D-520 (french colorfull plane),
J8M (only Canvas was released )or Ki-115 tsurugi for japanese itens
- F-toys Twin Engined 4:
A-20/havoc/Boston/P-70(nightfigther)..not need to say how many versions can be made..
Pv1Ventura /Hudson pv-2 harpoon
Blenhein or German Me-210/410
Pe-2 or Tu-2 very nice soviet planes
Q1W1 Tokai (if need a japanese item)
-F-toys Helos 5:

Oh-58D or Bell 206
french Ecureill H-350(one of most used heli in the word)
Kaman Sea Sprite
Ch-34(used by Japan too, american and british Wessex)
options for Eurocopter Tiger ,Hh-3 Jolly green Giant
-Ftoys Early jets:
Korea War - F-84G Thunderjet(as tamiya kit)
-F-80 shooting star
-Gloster Meteor F.8(the australian )
-options for ..F-94 starfire maybe F-89 Scorpion
USNavy early jets: -F-4D Skyray
-F-7 U Cutlass
-F-9 Panther/cougar
options for F2H2 Banshee , f-3 Skynight

European jets :
Mirage III E( please E version)
Super Etandart
DH Vampire / Venon
Gloster Javelin

a better Buccaneer S2
AMX (italian/brazilian)
Su-24 Fencer
Saab Viggen
-Ftoys Acroteam or Training planes....
I love training planes small,gracious ..and very important..
so : T-38 Talon(thunderbirds)
T-27 (Tucano brazilian team...also used by RAF and French)
T-50 (korea new jet) or Yak-130 nice planes!
T-37 tweet (Asas De Portugal) as well the AT-37 used in Vietnan

I removed some itens like Me-109G6,Mil Mi-8,Pucara,Harrier GR3...since now they are avaliable in resin..or kits..

Anonymous said...

Hopefully they won't have those big seamlines!