Saturday, January 03, 2015

1/144 Recent A&W kits.

1/144 Recent A&W kits

A&W kits are interesting a number of counts, in that they produce Japanese aviation items covering the history of  aviation, as well as mainstream and more experimental items that are often not catered for by mainstream manufactures, and  interestingly a number are a subset of these items are of the period when the Japanese aviation industry licensed or purchased European designs (look closely at the full list) which you will also be hard pressed to find elsewhere..

It must be noted that these are commissioned from Anigrand by A&W for the Japanese domestic market.

Above short presentation of some of the more recent A&W releases, a full list can be found at this link.

The items can be obtained from Radjapan  (if its not show, ask - it may be possible to special order) and HLJ. They used to be quite expensive, but with other currencies being stronger against the Yen at the time of writing, they become more affordable to those wanting something more exotic for their collections.

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