Saturday, July 02, 2016

1/144 Gloster Gladiator Mk.I 'Last Biplane Fighter - Mark I

1/144 Gloster Gladiator Mk.I 'Last Biplane Fighter - Mark I
Gloster Gladiator Mk.I 'Last Biplane Fighter' (decals for RAF, Belgian AF, Chinese Nationalist AF)

The Gloster Gladiator was a British-built biplane fighter developed from the Gauntlet and its prototype, designated SS.37, flew in September 1934. Following testing and minor modifications the first production model, the Mk.I, was delivered from July 1936 and became operational in January 1937.

The Gladiator Mk.I was a single-seat biplane of metal construction with mixed fabric and metal covering. It was fitted with a fixed undercarriage and powered by a Mercury radial engine turning two-blade wooden propeller. Its armament consisted of four guns, of which two were mounted in the fuselage and two under the lower wings.

In total, 378 Gladiator Mk.Is were produced and supplied during 1937-38. Belgian Air Force operated 22 aeroplanes, while China acquired 36 Gladiators.

The Gladiator was the RAF's last biplane fighter aircraft and the first with an enclosed cockpit. Although rendered obsolete by newer monoplane designs, it proved good in initial combats and saw action in almost all theatres during the WWII.

Gladiators (both the Mk.I and Mk.II versions) were successfully exported to many countries and saw service with more than 15 air arms, including those of Belgium, China, Egypt, Finland, Free France, Greece, Iraq, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Portugal and Sweden. They also equipped RAAF and SAAF squadrons in the Middle East and North Africa.

Colour schemes included in the kit:
1) Gloster Gladiator Mk.I, K7957, No.73 Sq., RAF, Digby airfield, 1938
2) Gloster Gladiator Mk.I, K7974, Grey RT-O, No.112 Sq., RAF, Helwan airfield, Egypt, spring 1940
3) Gloster Gladiator Mk.I, White 31, 1er Escadrille du 1er Groupe du 2éme Regiment Aéronautique (Squadron 1/I/2 Aé) - 'La Comète', Force aérienne belge (Belgian Air Force), Schaffen - Diest airfield, late 1939
4) Gloster Gladiator Mk.I, White 2809, 28th Fighter Sq., 5th Fighter Group, Chinese Nationalist Air Force, China, 1938

This injection-moulded kit contains 34 parts, one resin part and one clear part (cockpit canopy). A comprehensive instruction leaflet and a decal sheet are included.

Manufacturer: MARK I Models
Code Number: MKM14452
Scale: 1:144
Item type: Aircraft kits (injection)



Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it.

By the way, is anyone else having trouble getting into the forums at the moment?

Ryan B. said...

I am. Won't recognize my user name.

Anonymous said...

Do we know if there are two kits per box? Pricing at Hannants, and the photos with 2 frames of parts suggest it, but unlike the Buffalo box, it isn't labelled as '2 in 1'.

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zap123 said...

Wow, looking forward to this, though not really looking forward to the three part cowling.....

John Haverstock said...

HUZZAH!!! Though I still long for a series of decent F-4s and A-7s, these will be fine and very welcome additions to the collection.

By the way... anyone have any Doyusha F-4EJs to part with? The same kit was released in by Airfix as a "MiniKit" - pre-pained and partially assembled.... . :-)

Anonymous said...

The site photo is misleading by showing two sets of mouldings. In fact
there is only one kit per box and as such it does not represent very
good value for money despite the quality being good.

rmasu said...

about the 2 pictures :
one is showing inner side of fuselage and underside of wing/profundor
the other picture is showing the outside of fuselage and the upper side of wing/profundor