Saturday, July 02, 2016

Kamfgruppe 144 Forum

Hello Everyone

We have had a serious technical problem with the KG144 forum., this problem has resulted in a serious loss of both the data and the forum.

Efforts are being made to set up a new forum, and different options are being explored as to the best approach going forwards.

A forum in which to share and discuss 1/144 scale modelling will return

Though a poor substitute, in the mean time selected information is available here:



John Haverstock said...

I never followed the forum, only the kampfgruppe 1/144 blog. is that where you have been posting stuff about my decals?

Anonymous said...


That's really bad news!
We'll be all watching this page waiting for news about the new blog.
Dario Domenici, Roma (AKA moresby)

glehn said...

Ouch! Bad news indeed.
I will also be waiting for news about the forum resurrection.

F_IV said...

Oh no!

The forum has been the most amazing resource for 144th scale modelling. I'll forever grieve for all the lost content, but I'm hopeful it can be great again. The 144th scale scene is stronger (bigger?) now than it ever was before.

rmasuk said...

The old forum is back!!
Long life to the Forum!

Anonymous said...

And it went again.

rmasuk said...

I wrote him and Martin's answer:
"I'm away from home and don't have a good internet connection.
It will be sunday/Monday before I can action"