Monday, May 29, 2017

1/144 Bristol Freighter MK21 - Oz Mods

1/144 Bristol Freighter MK21 - Oz Mods

A repackaged version of the OZ mode kits, with resin part to enable the construction of a MK 21 Bristol Freighter.

The resin parts should include a new tail and engines

Include decal schemes for 1x RAF, 4x RAAF and a Civilian Silver City scheme.

The Freighter was developed during the Second World War, having attracted official attention from the British Air Ministry, which sought the development of a rugged vehicle capable of carrying various cargoes, including a 3-ton truck.
The Bristol Type 170 was designed as a stop-gap project to provide work for the Bristol Aeroplane Company while the Bristol Brabazon was under development. Subsequently, the British Air Ministry expressed interest in the project, believing that it would provide a rugged transport aircraft capable of using unimproved airstrips; accordingly, a pair of prototypes were ordered on the condition that the design was modified so that it would be compatible with the air-transporting of a British Army 3-ton truck.
In the military export market, the type was used by a number of Air Forces, including those of Argentina, Australia, Burma, Canada, New Zealand, and Pakistan.

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