Saturday, April 14, 2018

1/144 Brengun Releases for May

1/144 Brengun Releases for April 2018

1/144 Me-163B KOMET „War prizes“ (Brengun Kit)

1/144Me 163B Komet  Photo Etch Upgrade  for two kits (Brengun kit)
It would now be useful to have some Brengun Vac-form canaopies for the 163!?

1/144 MAN EMMA FSA 70 Mobile Tower Resin and Photo Etch Conversion (Revell Kit)

1/144 LET L-13 Blaník Photo Etch Upgrade for two kits (Mark I kit)

1/144 Hurricane Vacu Canopy (Sweet kit)

1/144 BAC Lightning Vacu Canopy (Revell kit)

1/144 German rocket V-2 / A4 & Stand Resin and Photo Etch Kit 
Part of the Bregun "V-Weapons" and experimental aircraft range.

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