Saturday, April 14, 2018

1/144 F-4J Phantom II by SOVA-M

1/144 F-4J Phantom II by  SOVA-M

SOVA-M ('OWL') Model Kits is a Ukrainian company producing their first 1/144.
They are thought to some A-Model Sprues (think C-130/F-4 Blue Angels) - but a SOVA-M are separate company.

Japan Release: May 2018
Japan Price: Y2700 Yen (@ £19 GBP, €21 Euro, $26 USD)

UK Release: April/May 2018
UK Price: 12 GBP

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John Haverstock said...

I have literally over 100 decal options available for the F-4J....

Douglas said...

John, have you bought this kit? I was wondering what the quality was like.

John Haverstock said...

Douglas: I have not. I have seen photo of the kit built and unbuilt and it does not look to be very good. If you want to do an F-4J your best option is the F-4J from Tomytech (if you can find one that someone will art with). After that your best options are the F-4J gashapon model from F-Toys then the F-4D gashapon model from J wings and convert it to a J. I use Doyusha F-4EJs for all of my F-4s (about 300 so far) only because it allows me to make them all consistent.

Good hunting, John