Monday, February 04, 2019

1/144 Kotobuki Squadron in the Wilderness "Jong-zhu" (2 in 1) by Platz/Plex

1/144 Kotobuki Squadron in the Wilderness "Jong-zhu" (2 in 1) by  Platz/Plex

Animation "Kotobuki Squadron of the Wilderness" is the latest work of original animation awarded by the director, Tsutomu Mizushima series composition, golden combination of Yokote Michiko! A full-fledged air-battle action that the amazingly beautiful girls team will unveil is on sale from January 2019, which is very popular! 

The fighter aircraft appearing in such a remarkable work is reproduced on the 1/144 scale plastic model! The fighter plane "Jong-zhu" that appeared in the second episode is reproduced in a real way.  

While the size of the palm of 1/144, markings applied to the aircraft such as characteristic marks and lines are reproduced with a decal firmly. 

I set the parts for two pieces in the kit. 

Broadcasting started on TV and online distribution, and "Kotobuki Squadron in the Wilderness" gathering more and more attention for future expansion! 

It is the appearance of a model you want to check with animation! When completed Size: Total length Approximately 62 mm 

Manufacturer: Platts limited company 
Publisher: PLEX Inc. 

Wild Kotobuki Squadron Production Committee

Price: 2,700 Yen , 22 USD , 17 GBP
Release: February 2019

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