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1/144 Hobby Gacha WWII Fighter Collection Japanese Aircraft - TAKARATOMY ART

1/144 Hobby Gacha WWII Fighter Collection Japanese Aircraft - TAKARA TOMY ART

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Miniatures of "Zero Fighter" & "Gale" are here! "
Hobby Gacha WWII Fighter Collection Japanese aircraft" released in mid-July

TAKARATOMY ARTS will release the gacha product "Hobby Gacha WWII Fighter Collection Japanese Aircraft" in mid-July. The price is 300 yen (tax included) once.

 This product is pre-painted with 1/144 scale models of the 
"Type 0 fighter plane 21" that was active at the time of the outbreak of war, the power-up type" 
"22 type zero battle", and the 
"4 type fighter ship wind". 

Partially assembled miniature model. A variable pedestal that allows you to adjust the flight attitude is set for all types, and you can decorate it with a vibrant attitude that you like.

 The line-up is 
"Type 0 Fighter 21 Type (A6M2b)" light gray white and dark green, 
"Type 0 Fighter 22 Type (A6M3)" dark green camouflage and dark green, 
"Type 4 Fighter Gale (K84)" All 6 types of solid silver and dark green.

 The size of the Zero Fighter 21 is about 63 x 83 mm (total length x width), and the gale is about 69 x 78 mm (total length x width).

Available: Mid July 2020
Price:     300 yen (tax included - each item)

*** Machine Translated ***

So, obviously at 300 Yen these are not going to be the best examples of these aircraft ever. However, if you compare the quality of these aircraft to the early Yujin or Furuta Gacha aircraft - you can see how much the manufacturing process has improved in the last 10 years to be able to issue these at a higher level of quality for the same price!

Also, though not at the level or quality of  Takara "Wings of the Luftwaffe" or Tomytech "GiMix" series, its nice to see them showing 1/144 aircraft some interest...

 Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate (キ84 疾風 Gale) The Allied reporting name was "Frank"; the Japanese Army designation was Army Type 4 Fighter (四式戦闘機, yon-shiki-sentō-ki). The Ki-84 is generally considered the best Japanese fighter to operate in large numbers during the conflict.

The Mitsubishi A6M "Zero" is a long-range fighter aircraft; The A6M was designated as the Mitsubishi Navy Type 0 carrier fighter (零式艦上戦闘機, rei-shiki-kanjō-sentōki), or the Mitsubishi A6M Rei-sen.

The A6M was usually referred to by its pilots as the Reisen (零戦, zero fighter), "0" being the last digit of the imperial year 2600 (1940) when it entered service with the Imperial Navy.
The official Allied reporting name was "Zeke", although the use of the name "Zero" (from Type 0) was used colloquially by the Allies as well.


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["Type 0 shipboard fighter type 21 (A6M2b)"]

["Type 0 Ship Fighter Type 22 (A6M3)"]

["Type 4 Fighter Gale (K84)"]

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