Wednesday, August 26, 2020

1/144 Italian MAS 15 (12 t S.V.A.N. class) with torpedo launch fittings - Thetis Models

Resin and photoetch kit, full hull 1/144 scale

A review of the kit in Italian can be found here (google translate if required)

Contact with Thetis Models appears to be

It appears that a new issue of the kit with updates will be available "soon" based upon and update posted on 5th July 2020.

So, if you want this kit - contact Thetis Models and pre-order, as the kit is difficult to find online!

*** machine translated ***
Good morning everyone. A new series of the 1/144 t SVAN MAS series kit will be available soon, with a slight upgrade of some setup parts. The occasion will also be good to provide a small packaging with the necessary for the realization of the gunboat version of this series of MAS. With the pieces contained in the modification pack it will be possible to create both the simple version, with the only change of armament and the most particular one equipped with protection against the shotgun shooting of the front cockpit and the helmery, which was used on Lake Garda vs Austro-Hungarian naval and land goals.
*** machine translated ***

Upgrade set:

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