Friday, April 07, 2006

1/144 Bandai L4

What happened?
Did the bandai master fall a sleep and reuse earlier kits for this series and hope no one notice?
L4 is very poor for the Fan of German Aircraft!!!
It has been seen before in Bandai or by others such as FTOYS, but FTOYS make a better Plane!
Even fan of other aircraft look forward now to the splendid FTOYS WII Warbirds!!
L4 is a boring series with little innovation, the quality of the item is poor compared to competitors such as TAKARA FAOW/WOTL series!
BANDAI what is you game????????


robert k said...

The only thing I have fear is with this poor boxset.. the sales goes down..and Bandai stop the series...
But we say long time ago...this could happens..
There so many planes to release.. He-162,Dauntless,helldiver,spit V ,La-5 , Mig -3, D-520, P-39,a better P-40E,..
The WcL3 was a winner for me..P-47,yak9,ta-152,me-110,seiram,jack.. to bad they walked in wrong direction

Philip Slater said...

I am glad that Bandai released the F4U again. Currently I see the Bandai F4U WWC2 go for more than $30 on Ebay. I am glad that I bought a lot of these when that series came out. Now I have the chance to buy more to paint up in different squadrons provided by decal makers like MYK design decals and Mirage Ocean.

Considering that the 1/144 releases in the 80's and 90's was almost zero I very happy to see a make like Bandai release 1/144 World War 2 planes and the quality of these planes are so much better than those Crown and Revell releases of the earlier times. Maybe F Toys has a better paint job on their kits, but I still like Bandai for their selection, consistent releases, options for open or close canopies, additional decal markings and a great price of less than $3.00 if you find the right seller. And by the way I think the Bandai P-38 is better than the F Toy release in all aspects including paint job. But both planes are great and put the Crown-Minicraft model to a place deeper in my attic of waiting to be built models.

I can only hope for more releases from Bandai and others. I would like to see a P-80 and F-84 (all versions) and even early Russian Jets from Yak and Sukhoi.

bluedonkey99 said...


Thanks for the contribution I must confess the bandai & ftoys are better qauity than the old mould of Crown/academy etc...

I like many do buy extra bandai etc to repaint.

The problem with Ftoys can be the preperation ans tehy uses a particulary robust paint.

The Bandai and Takara are easer to dissasemble and repaint.

what i do find surprising and obvisouly reflects demand is the relatively high price the last series of Bandai keeps, the earlier series can be picked up quite cheaply to repaint i.e the ealrlier FW190 D-9s could be obtained very cheaply, this and the last series seem to be keeping there prices?

AS for the future, I think you mya get your jets, if not from Bandai then RLAI(cafe rea) or ftoys will probably do more???

robert k said...

I would be more happy if ´F-toys and Bandai used the same paint of takara FAOW... and in case of F-toys if they use less glue...or not glue the parts...
The best for rework is FAOW... now they came disassembled..and just need put on alcool..and the paint came out...a piece of cake..they could put extra be perfect...