Thursday, April 06, 2006

1/144 F-TOYS WII Warbird Collection

1/144 F-TOYS WII Warbird Collection
1/144 Workshop Vol.7

A new picture is available regarding this FTOYS series.
I notice a new plane on display an He100 V2.
It is not clear if this is one of the special versions or a coupon or rebate edition?
with all verision, I now believe the wheels can be in "landing" or "flight" mode.


wtmblogger said...

The He100 V2 is the prize of a lucky draw for buyers.

robert k said...

This series will be very good..

Anonymous said...

thats interesting!

it is a metod used by FURUTA to enable people to win special edition helicoptor such as Ka-50!


Anonymous said...


yes, look forward to this sereis more than Bandai L4!!!