Tuesday, April 04, 2006

1/144 F-Toys/Platz JADSF series (special)

I wasnt going to bother posting regarding this series as they have been well covered on other sites, however it amuses me when marketing people let little clues o secrets out of the bag!!

Is it my eyes, or does the "packet shot" show a special edition F104J starfighter - that is not shown on the main product range line-up? Check the shape of the short wings and the fuel tanks to fit the ends and then compare the special "blue color" of that starfighter with the "official colour" line up???

What do you reckon?


robert k said...

I believe this F-104J is a special just because brings a "agreessor" scheme colors and respective decals..
I saw some pictures of these blue starfighters.... in old JSDF exercises

Anonymous said...

at least it is nice to have a "special" special..... unlie some recent specials which have been very "normal"!