Monday, September 24, 2007

1/144 Battleships!

1/144 Battleships! - Australian Battle Group....
No one could accuse these guys of stay indoors and fiddling with thier 1/144s!
definately a case of having to get out in the open air!
.they had best be careful of those 1/144 U-boats!


pbhawkin said...

Thats my mob!
look at and 2/3 way down you will see my DKM Kormoran freighter beaching just as the stern goes under! She usually has a Tiger 1 and Jagdpanther on her decks as well!

bluedonkey99 said...

...i thought time to unleash you on the waiting world! :o)
what happens when the crocs or platypus come out!?

pbhawkin said...

You can sometimes still fire the CO2 powered cannons UNDERWATER and they give a good bunch of bubbles to scare away any reptiles (Also helps find where the ship sunk if the float didn't deploy!!).

Anonymous said...

I have a nice photo of the local guys Essex class carrier somewhere around here.