Friday, September 07, 2007

Oh! My....., there is a God!


1/144 scale North American XB-70 "Valkyrie" Awesome great white - Oct 2007


I wonder if there will (a) be special bonus aircraft (b) what would they be?


robertk said...

Yes..there are a God...of Resin..
It´s so hard to believe injected kits makers can waste their time and money releasing dozens versions of Me-109, fw-190s,and just a couple of months another brand release a new "more acurate" state of art me-109 ..and the old one is a pile of trash..
They not see lilliputian market..of 1/144..
Well I think the release of C-17,C-141,XB-70, V-bombers, 1/144 as injected kit is a dream .....damn..

bluedonkey99 said...

a good set of v-bombers with V-fighters would be nice!!!

BrettMayaAllisonTory said...

Aside Valkyrie(s), Globe & Cargo
masters and Starlifters of all kind
there is a major subject main
manufacturers have forgotten :
SPACE CONQUEST. It looks as if, for
them, the end of aviation history
was WW2 aircraft, and particularly
nazi planes. The fact is that, today, missiles and rockets are very politicaly incorrect : they
represent American glorious history
which must be hidden to the rest of the world, who, for more than sixty years now, have been running after the American Dream...

bluedonkey99 said...

each to their own view!?

- Fantastic Plastic and Glencoe do "space" items.

- There are number of kits for American rockets,

- you can also find a lot of items relating to russion rockets, likge teh vostoks which they launched the worlds first satellite with and put a man into space with?

- as for ther american space programme, you should see what NASA write about Von Braun. still you are correct how many countries would it have been possible to for this rehabilitation to happen!

Airfix do a Saturn Rocket in 1/144
Revell do a number of Shuttles in 1/144

Revell and others, do a range of ISS (international space station) kits

you can get vostock and soyuz kits in 1/144

i think i may have even seen an Arriane?
magellen do a range of kits

or ninfinger

you can even get launch complexs!

bluedonkey99 said...

there is just about every rocket ever produced anywhere in the modern era here:

the following do a great series of NSCA and NASA decals!!!

anderson models seem to do a good range of current, proposed and abandon projects!

BrettMayaAllisonTory said...

I agree Saturn V is the most fantas
tic flying machine of all time, but
it is also just a milestone in the great history of missiles & space crafts. With the Space Shuttle, it is one of the rare models made by
the main manufacturers, which is
something I deeply regret. Just try
to get from them an Atlas missile -
the rocket that sent J. Glenn into
orbit - is absolutely impossible.
On the other side of the market,
cottage industry will provide you
17 different versions of this impor
tant machine,thank's to Tom Kladiva
(New Ware) and Glen Johnson (Real
space). But Atlas is also just ano
ther milestone in that story. Then
what's about these hundreds of less
known missiles that paved the way to space exploration ? What's about
these hundreds of spacecrafts, from
Explorers and Pioneers to the inter
stellar rovers of today ? Can we
hope grace the shelves of our col
lections with just a few of them ?

Anonymous said...

Well, if the TU-126 includes a Fencer and a Brewer then I'm in hog heaven. A-Model will someday release their Manchester/Lancaster/Lincoln kits and sell tons, and maybe one day someone will wake up and release a Spitfire or 7. A nice LA-5 would be good too, and an injected BAE Hawk.
Oh, I wouldn't be surprised to see Sweet release another Me-109 after their FW-190D given the issues with their F-4....... :-O

bluedonkey99 said...

the supply of fighers with the "bear" would have been a nice option (or maybe a RAF Tornada F3 or Dutch or norwegean F16 - given recent events?)

i think anigrand have said that it will be other "AEW" planes? so think smallish AEW planes nad your more on track, i think there own "comaptibility" lis tmight give a fw clues, although they may be a bit larger as "bonus kits"
(especially as they did some fighters with the "bounder".

not knowling al ot about the TU-126 variants, but i assime the AEW version could be converted back to a "bomber" without too much work?

A decent spitfire would sell nicely by all the feedback i get, a nice Plaztz or Sweet spitfire would sell well!

sweet could pull of a coup with there double kit appraoch by providing an Mk.I or II and a later war version!?

the bombers would sell, but perhaps not in so many numbers? you can fit a lot more fighters into the space and budget of a bomber?