Monday, September 17, 2007

3D Printer $5000 USD

3D Printer $5000 USD
We looked at these some 3D options time back, maybe these will be the next big thing?
Still exspensive, but once PCs cost this much!
This seems to be the first "reasonably" cheap printer.... it iwll be interesting to see what its "fine print" mode is like!?
see more info and pics here:


smeg1959 said...

This is incrediably cheap for this sort of technology. The Uni I work at has a rapid prototyping unit that works in much the same way as this, building up the shape of the prototype by casting many 0.1-mm thicknesses of powdered resin. It does this using a 3D rendering of the prototype developed with a CAD program. The unit's cost? A cool $500,000!

If this gets down to $US1000 as the company hopes, I'm lining up for one. I've seen what the Uni's unit can produce and scale models could be a real possibility.

Anonymous said...

5 years later - it only cost USD 300 !

... and made in Hong Kong