Sunday, July 13, 2008

1/144 by Repuls9bb - Micromedia Digest! (updated)

1/144 by Repuls9bb - Micromedia Digest!
This guy has put together a nice collection of resin and scratch built kits!
Some old favourites, some nice fresh items too!
(note: i now believe that some of these may have been taken from sites with 1/35 and 1/144 pics)
interestingly, could that little fighter be on of the bonus kits with the Anigrand 'Ki-91'
for an interesting set of comparisons of 2dkfz 251's see JV44DORA


pbhawkin said...

WOW, this guy is good! He rivals anything that the Japanese master modellers do.
When he says scratch built (for the planes) I guess he is making out of resin?
I wonder if he will make copies to sell??

Peter H

smeg1959 said...

I echo Peter's assessment - some amazing work on show. His scratchbuilding is as good as I've seen anywhere. In fact, I thought a couple of items were 1/72 or larger.

Scrathbuilding is more likely to involve plastic card and rod, supplemented (as per the photos) by other materials, such as brass. Even if he doesn't do resin moulds, I'd love to know where he gets his brass components from.

And Peter, any chance the two Walruses on the Repulse are yours?

bluedonkey99 said...

I am pretty confident that most of this is 1/144.

I have seen kits of most of these,the only one where they maybe some doubt is the sdkfz 251 "Drilling flak"?

That said i obtained some brass replacement barrels for the popy vierlinks flak gun.... now thats was fine engineering! the flash muzzles on the end of the barrels were even drilled out!

i'll have to dig out the JV44DORA links as he too did a whole range of sdkfz 251 in 1/144 and 1/35! youd proabbly be hard pressed to tell the difference in scales?!?

I do appreciate that some of the items are also available in larger scales.

In Japan there is a market for small machined parts, again though often only available at shows. I have some tiger and king tiger barrels of this nature.. waiting for when i do those resin kits of the back to front king tigers...

as for where to source your brass supplied, I would have though fine rods and tubing should be so hard to get hold of? aeroclub do a range, of products in the uk and follwoing on from the its a case of looking at modeling supplies and even engineering or arcitectural supplies companies ?

I'll try and stiffle my sterotypes of austrailian ways, and imgaine that you not all out swiming, wrestling crocs, surfing and having a BBQ.... opposed to it being wet and miserable in the UK and therfore we have to find ways of entertaining outselves indoors more? maybe we have a bigger market for such supplies?

Unknown said...


Who is this guy? Just amazing...

I must say that I would love to my hands on a bunch of brass tubbings, barrels and brass plates like that.

If someone know where it is sold, please let me know.