Wednesday, July 16, 2008

1/144 FTOYS US NAVY Collection (update)

1/144 FTOYS US NAVY Collection

Workshop Collection Vol.14 EX
ok, now maybe I am getting old or have we seen most of these before?
is F-Toys buying up everyones old molds?
available: September 1, 2008
F-14A Tomcat - USS Enterprise , 1973
F-14A Tomcat- USS Kitty Hawk, 2003 , 154 Sqdn
F-14A Tomcat "special alternate colour"

F-4J Phantom USS Constellation, 96Sqdn, Cpt Cunningham / Lt Driscoll, 1972
F-4J Phantom Blue Angels (Acrobatic Display team, 1971 )
F-4J Phantom "special alternate colour"

A-7E Corsair - USS Ranger, 1979
A-7E Corsair -USS Midway, 93 Sqdn, 1986
A-7E Corsair " "special alternate colour"

A-6E- Intruder -USS Independence , 65 sqdn, Lt. Cunningham /Lt Driscoll, 1976
A-6E- Intruder - US Marine Corp , Sqdn 332, 1976
A-6E- Intruder "special alternate colour"
Lotto special : F-14 '1' of VX-9 "Vampires" ?
Series Special: Unknown item - "special alternate colour"?
Cafe Reo JWINGS Vol.1 ???
Cafe Reo JWINGS Vol.3 ???

ok, maybe not - but it is close?


Anonymous said...

Based on past F-Toys releases, these will most likely be vast improvements over the CafeReo molds. The panel lines will be much more crisp and less trench-like. The fit and overall quality will be much nicer. Of course, they'll have the typical Ftoys paint quality, which isn't much to brag about. The best thing about this will be the low price and improved molds to re-paint!

I, for one, will be picking up a few cases to finally have a complete Blue Angels set. The remainder will be repainted and marked using the 40+ afermarket decals out there.

The A7E's will be repainted and marked using the very nice Triplenuts decals, among others. I'm sure MYK will release a nice set, since they always seem to follow gashapon releases. Their latest F15J sets are very nice and complimented the F-Toys JASDF2 F15 quite nicely.

Unless the F14s are improvements over the Revell kit, which I highly doubt, they'll be given away to friends' children to play with. Maybe even experimented with various paint stripping solutions, since they're fairly inexpensive.

Again, if the A6 isn't an improvement over the DML kit, they'll probably become test subjects for re-paint projects.

I have to say, I'm actually pretty interested in this set and really want to know what the chase items are going to be. Even better, might be the eventual Platz releases of unpainted kits with new/unreleased decals. I'm still waiting for the A4 from Platz!

bluedonkey99 said...

i bet there will be some interesting MYK decals!

Anonymous said...

Yes!! i still waiting for A-4 Family ..from Platz..
From A-4A/B/C..Vietnan
to A-4E/F (Viet,israeli,Agressors)
to A-4M/K (Marines,Kuwait)