Friday, July 04, 2008

1/144 Gallery of Matsuo Kasten!

1/144 Gallery of Matsuo Kasten!
As featured in 1/144 Modelle Millitaire Magazine of Japan.
A great range of models, look at the slideshow gallery!


Anonymous said...

What a madman! He must have nerves of steel and some of the steadiest hands in the world to pull 99% of this off. Truly amazing and incredible skills for us all to aspire to.

Did he scratch build the trucks, and the tank carriers?

Just beautiful!

bluedonkey99 said...

did scratch build, then someone would have to of done to create the masters for the moulds!

The e-100 on the cuypermeyer trailer and hanomag was available a a kit - as i have one too.

smeg1959 said...


Where did MK get his Me323 from?

As badger says, some fine work here. As I've found recently, if you want to see whether you've made a good job - or otherwise - of a model, photograph it. The average resolution of a digital camera is enough to show a multitude of sins! Actually, it's a great tool for checking for flaws as you go.

bluedonkey99 said...

it was a short run don a year or two back, there is probably a reference or two about it on this block if you go back far enough.

I cant remember off the top of my head who made it, but it was available (in japan) over the web and at (i think) the shizuka show of that year.

an excellent resin kit!

I think there maybe also be model of this kit produced on the bon.raccoon site. (see my sid e links)