Saturday, January 31, 2009

1/144 "War of the Worlds" Diorama by Pegasus!!

1/144 "War of the Worlds" Diorama by Pegasus!! (aka Trumpeter?) _______________________________________________________

This is an interesting turn up for the books! A Sci-fi diorama in 1/144!

This is made by the same people who bought the cool sdkfz 251 and KarlMorser etc!!!

Comes in Model kit form (1/144 scale)

#9002 War Machines Attack model kit (Base 8" long)


1/72 Area 51 UFO AE-341.15B model kit (8.25" Dia)
This is 1/72, but at 8.5 Inches, i think you might get away with putting this up against a Anigrand or Unicraft Hanebau???? the model whilst interesting doesnt give to many clues as to a natural scale? It would be much larger than the WOTW Martians...

other 1/144 UFO

1/87 Busch Gmbh UFO Diorama (out of production)
Although designed for HO railways, the bush documents also make a bid for N (1/160) & TT (1/120) dioramas. The model is @6 Inches and included 14volt electronics for lighting etc.


smeg1959 said...

"War of the Worlds" ... one of my fave films of the '50's! OK, so it's not HG Wells, but the Martian UFOs were extremely well done for a film of this era.

Definitely going to get this one.

bluedonkey99 said...

and even at $20 USD at today's conversion rates it is still pretty cheap compared to a resin kit! plus, you'll know the parts fit!

You may even be abe to buy it "in country" and not have to import it!!

Anonymous said...

I also reviewed it as the ship from "the High Crusade" based on the appearance (short tailed humanoids) of the aliens