Saturday, January 24, 2009

1/144 Star Wars vol.2 by F-Toys !

1/144 Star Wars vol.2 by F-Toys !
hot off the press...
A new series of 1/144 starwars by F-toys.

01. AT-AT
02. Snow Speeder
03. Y-Wing
04. Advanced Tie Fighter + Darth Vader (in 1/144 wow! - must get him alongside the Hanebau )
05. AT-TE
06. "Special Item"

Available 23/03/2009
Price: (?) But i imagine usual price range?


roberrtk said...

Very nice to see Y-wings,Snowspeed and Vader´s Tie..but the At-at will be 1/144?
I think At-at is big!! or not?
well maybe there are a Star wars III box? still have the A-wing,B-wing, Tie interceptor, Jedi starfighter(with ring)and ARc-170

werwulf said...

There's also the Tie Bomber. Maybe a Rebel Turret to go with the AT-ST, AT-AT, and the Snowspeeder. Hoth dio here we come!

bluedonkey99 said...

i think you could squeeze an AT-aT into a standard box, although the weight gives away the 'blind box' element?

cafre reo gets those WWII bombers into same similar size boxes to modern fighters!

I think i will pick up selected items from this series like the last, but i wont be buying any bulk boxes!

I know konami did some nice sci-f stuff but the scales were all over the shop! I find it interesting to get this stuff in 1/144 to compare to items you know the 1:1 scale of for comparison1

was that Galactica Viper anywhere near 1/144? I know it sits on obake's home page?

smeg1959 said...

Good point about comparing these items with 1/144 scale models of real aircraft.

BD99's comment re: the Hanebau (I assume via Anigrand or Unicraft), raises the Luft 46 possibilities. I'm interested in a comparison with that tiny Luft 46 Fw Volksjager issued by Wing144, as I gravely doubt even Yoda could have squeezed into the cockpit! ;-)

And I'm sure someone will do a repaint (any guesses who?!) and we'll end up with Erich Hartmann's Tie Fighter or Adolf Galland's Y-Wing. Deutsche Vader, anyone?

smeg1959 said...

Incidentally, the AT-AT definitely appears to be 1/144 ... note that the F-Toys ad actually notes the dimensions (140mm long, 120mm high). Rather like the He219 being in an identically sized box to the He100.

Given judicious breakdown of components and you'd be surprised what you might fit in the average F-Toys' or CafeReo box.

bluedonkey99 said...

i can think of one guy with the skills to do so, but he probably wont thank me for the suggestion! ;o)