Monday, March 09, 2009

1/144 B-58 with XB-70 By Roberto!

1/144 B-58 with XB-70By Roberto!
Another lesson in the art of painting by Roberto.
This time an great example of a US B-58 with a nice range of metallic finishes and a good distribution of panels and colouring. The decals also finish this off nicely.
The XB-70 is shown for the size comparison.

A great picture of the B-58 in prime condition can be found here:

here is a pciture of an B-58 Chase Plane, with a rough looking XB-70 in flight

and here at take off


smeg1959 said...

Roberto continues to put a large percentage of the rest of us 1/144 aficionados to shame with the quality of his work. What I wouldn't do for one tenth of his skills!

badger said...

I'd be happy if I had 1/50th of his skills! Truly inspiring!!!