Tuesday, March 17, 2009

1/144 Twin Engine Collection Vol.3 by F-Toys (Updated)

1/144 Twin Engine Collection Vol.3 by F-Toys ====================================
F-Toys restate the desire for more 1/144.
A new WWII series of 4x Type, in 2 versions - plus specials?

- Luftwaffe Junkers JU88/A -
- USAAF Boeing B25 B/C
- Japanese Model 11 P1Y1 "FRANCES"
- Japanese Type 100 Ki-49 "HELEN"

Ginga: "Yo-283" of the Yokosuka Flying Group
and "762-82 (possibly -62)" of the 762nd NAval Flying Group

B-25: Capt. E.J. York's aircraft of the Doolittle Raiders
and a 340th BG aircraft

The Donryu comes in the markings of 74 Sentai, 2 Chuutai
and 61 Sentai 3 Chuutai. The former seems to be camouflaged,
the latter in green over gray.

The Ju88s are from I./KG54 (standard green camo) and IV./KG1
(North African camo).

The 340th BG B-25 also appears to be camouflaged for North Africa or
Mediterranean use.

There may also be the option to have "bomb bay" doors open or closed!

Available: May 25
Price: 40USD


Anonymous said...

Nice. Although I would have preferred a silver Mitchell.

And if I'm being really ungrateful, I would have preferred either a B-26 Marauder or an A-26 Invader. Or what the hell, a Beaufighter.


zang92 said...

Altaya has already done a nice B26
and is about to release an A 26.
But no plans about Beaufighter,
Beaufort, Anson, or Whirlwind, which is real shame.

Anonymous said...

Type 100 is a Ki-49 HELEN

model 11 is P1Y1 FRANCES

bluedonkey99 said...


robertk said...

Ju-88...so long waited..but still not Ju-88G..with BMW engines...
if was G ..we could had nightfighters versions,Mistel easier,
well at least the Ju-88A and B-25 is ok.. we could let rest in peace the old Crown/minicraft kits
the japanese..the Hasegawa/Imai kits are not bad(only canopy are to thick..) but is for japanese market..
and we miss a good chance in have the Beaufighter...
so maybe F-toys guys not checked our wish list..

badger said...

Would have been nice to get a British twin engine as opposed to two from the Japanese. Don't get me wrong, I like both Helen and Frances as much as the next guy, but these leave very little room for repaints, specially the Frances! You get your choice of IJN green or INJ green.

Very excited about the Ju88 & the B-25, however. We might finally get decent plastic worthy of the aftermarket decals, or even the Minicraft or Revell decals! I'm sure MYK will put out some interesting batches as well. This one came form left field but it's a nice one and worth picking up a few cases.

Anonymous said...

The old Crown B-25 was pretty decent, particularly with the Cobra detail sets. I'd have much preferred the A-20, or even an Invader if we had to stick to US products, but a British twin of just about any variety would have been prefereable to the B-25 or either of the IJA/IJN types.

I bought the first Big Bird but skipped the second....don't think I'll buy this one either.

robertk said...

yes the A-20 would be better...
but this B-25 is earlier model with turret more back..and crown was the later model..
this earlier is suited for Doolitle raid I think...and so is interessanting..
since the crown had Ju-88A ..F-toys could release the Ju-88G

D said...

Agree with robertk: we already have ju 88a-4 by Altaya and Minicraft.

And all Bristol twin engined types are missing: Beaufighter, Beaufort, Blenheims (Atlas has produced a metal Blenheim and a Beaufort, but detail is poor and undercarriage is terrible as usual).

We already had a Ki-49 by Altaya (will be released in a few monthe here in Italy but I believe the new F-toys one will be better): I'd have liked better a Ki-67 Hiryu even if i might have seen something about a Arii or Ls kit somewhere in the web...
Does someone know more about it?

zang92 said...

Altaya/Ixo will have released, at the end of september/october, an
amazing and superbly crafted serie of 50 WW2 bombers, transports and
seaplanes. I just hope they will
increase the number of models to 70
precisely including those english, french and italian twin engines that are missing in our collections
Please no more german or japanese
models before that goal.

Anonymous said...

"I'd have liked better a Ki-67 Hiryu even if i might have seen something about a Arii or Ls kit somewhere in the web...
Does someone know more about it?"

IMAI made a really neat Hiryu which was later reboxed by Hasegawa and then Aoshima. They were still being sold new by HLJ until a couple of years ago. Should be reasonably easy to get one off Fleabay if you're patient.

smeg1959 said...

If I remember correctly (Or did I just dream it?), there was a 1/144 Hiryu from Hasegawa. One sold on evilBay US a couple of months ago. As it is, Altaya have a Hiryu and an A-20 on the way. Which is fortunate for Altaya, as sales of their Ju88A, B-25 and Donryu may take a hit with this F-Toys' release. And I agree with zang92 - the Altaya B-26 is a neat little unit.

Everyone who nominated a Beaufighter take a bow. Whilst being an Aussie, I'd like a
Mk.22, any variant would do. The only recent 1/144 options for this aircraft are three different pewter limited run items from Diverse Images in the UK. Even if you could afford 70-odd quid, they are now all OOP.

Incidentally, the occasional Welsh Models vac-form/resin Anson makes it onto evilBay, and Don Schmenk does a resin Whirlwind MkI. But gashapon or injection-moulded kits of both would be welcome.

bluedonkey99 said...


you could just order an Anson direct from welshmodels!?


Anonymous said...


zang92 said...

Thank's for the info, Anonymous.
I placed my order !

Anonymous said...

Welsh Anson is a post war "high roof" transport/trainer version. Needs a new fuselage and cowlings to make one that was flown in anger.

smeg1959 said...

I didn't realise the Anson C19 was still on the books at Welsh Models. According to their recently upgraded website (http://www.welshmodels.co.uk/), the kit sells for £11.58 (UK/Europe) or £10.07 (elsewhere) .
As for my Anson kit, it was a freebie from a colleague here in Oz. And yes, it is very much a postwar training variant which would require considerable scratchbuilding skills to replicate a MkI.

Soooo ... zang92 wins ... give us a MkI! And an Airspeed Oxford, a Blackburn Botha, a Fairey Battle, a Fairey Firefly ... the list goes on. BUT PLEASE, a Beaufighter first and foremost.

Anonymous said...

I am somewhat disappointed now that Altaya/IXO now has updated their list of releases recently, the Me 323 and the Ki-67 Hiryu "Peggy" have been removed. So it looks like a "Bust" for Ki-67 Fans out there.

I personally would have picked the Ki-67 over the Ki-49, to fill the gap for late war IJA bombers. However I look forward to the French Bloch 210 bomber.

Anonymous said...

By golly we need these chaps at F-Toys to do some Blenheims.

The Atlas one is rubbish, that and it comes with Free_French markings !!

They could also do a Blenheim Mk I while there at it.

Come on you chaps over there. Fingers out !!