Friday, March 27, 2009

Winter 2009 - Another British Bomber + Bonus by Anigrand (update)

Winter 2009 - Another British Bomber + Bonus by Anigrand

Sperrin bomber prototype, the v-bomber insurance!
I must say, it does not have the striking graceful lines of the other 3 classic V-Bombers!

Bonus Kits
P1127, Harrier Prototype
Short SB5, EE Lightning forerunner
Javelin FAW9 All weather interceptor

RAF V-Bomber history

Thanks to D.Campell for flushing this out!


Anonymous said...

Never much of a fan of the Sperrin - remind me of a Short's earlier Stirling with jets instead of props.

But I'll be getting one just to have a 1/144 Javelin in my collection....


bluedonkey99 said...

I agree its not pretty, and I see where you are coming from with the WWII bomber with jets on angle...

but, maybe not a sterling, it doe have a smack of DC-* or convair about it?

I think it would look more "natural" with some merlin's or turbo props under those wings, whether it would look like a bomber or a transport?