Sunday, June 14, 2009

1/144 A-4 E/F by Platz

1/144 A-4 E/F by Platz
Expected July 2009
2x Kits per box.
Price @ $15USD
The usual high quality from Platz.
Markings will be provided for VA-192 "Golden Dragons" and VA-195 "Dambusters".


Ant Sized Man said...

Beauty, much better than the f-toys one i got if not from the same mold.

Anonymous said...

Pity about the bloody fixed hump. Cancelled my order when I saw that.

Bruno Vanclee said...

you can cut the hump of the bird and add some putty. I have ordered mine already


badger said...

F-toys didn't put out any A4s. It was cafe-reo, on two separate releases. Bu I have to agree that the Platz release is at least 10 times better than what CafeReo put out. Also, I think the hump is what makes this bird so cool. I've been waiting for this for over a year and can't wait to receive my stash. Eagerly awaiting MYK and others to put out some extra decals too!

oliver said...

yeah agreed, the hump can be removed quite easily. i plan to do that for some USN adversary planes. besides the hump will be useful for israeli versions!

Anonymous said...

At least Aeroclub were smart enough to make the hump a seperate part. Clanger really.

rkmasuk said...

I had wrote to platz if they made like Fujimi did in their 1/72 A-4 family ,was perfect.
Using same wings,landing gears,central fuselage and profundors and changing only noses,canopy and tails we could had a A-4 family from early A/B/P/Q to E/F/M/K and even TA-4 or OA-4M they could sent the humpback as a part to fit (as Esci 1/72) .
I believe this could open a so many possibilities of versions,decals and diferent boxes..
Same thing could happen with a A-7 or Mig-21..or F-4
Maybe if platz have plans to make a full fuselage of a A-4M or A-4E without humpback.. I would love to see a Platz box with a Blue Angels version.. and with decals to make all planes of Demo Sqdr...the most beautifull plane of Blue Angels was A-4(remember the Van halen video of Dreams ..)