Thursday, June 25, 2009

1/144 M-24 Chaffe "3D-Print" from CGD !

1/144 M-24 Chaffe "3D-Print" from CGD !
CGD have been busy exploring the possibilities of 3D Printing. Time will tell if these become a new range of products, but if sucessfull I think this could be the start of a new wave of model builders!
Suddenly the average man has the option to design or even purchase 3D models and then have them printed on demand! That said, be warned it is not as simple as going to a website with some 3D Studio max files and sending it to be printed. There are still rules and conventions to follow, however if you are like me ... not so good at sculpture, but good with computers then maybe, just maybe there is some hope?
I have posted information about 3D printing in the past, currently Shapeways appears to be the market leader in this field and others should follow? It is certianly easier than buying and setting up you own 3D-Printer!
CGD Information and product:
M-24 Chaffe @ CGD EBAY 270414573215
Other references
Read more about CGDs 3D Print adventure
3D Scanner!


D T said...

Hello BD

Did u guys ever try Printapart @

this company was mentioned last couple of year by Scale Modeling Magazine ...

and Sacnner by NextEngine @



Anonymous said...

Yes, I've heard lots of good things about Printapart (but the delay can be longish because they are so busy), but not such good reviews of print quality from Shapeways.

Joris Peels said...

I personally haven't found any negative reviews of our print quality. If you find any please tell me because we want to amaze & inspire everyone!

Anonymous said...

The surface finish looks rough, why?


Anonymous said...

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Rakhi Khatun said...

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