Saturday, March 27, 2010

1/144 IJN Akagi 'Aircraft Carrier' by KK-eishindo

How big is your bath?

Finally you have somewhere to put all those 1/144 Sweet Zero Kits!

A large IJN Akagi 'Aircraft Carrier' similar to the items previously seen by SoarArt

You will find many more pictures here>


Anonymous said...

Hi. I've found a small leaflet (all in japanese) in several 1/144 aircraft boxes (bandai, perhaps).

It seemed to advertise a 1/144 Japanese Carrier section (with island, flight deck and hangar deck), mabe in resin, painted and assembled.

I haven't been able to find any more infos; I don't suppose it is available for sale-if it has it ever been.

Can someone enlighten me?

Thanks in advance.

bluedonkey99 said...


The short answer is yes, bandai did do a 144 carier (or at least in collaboration with another partner).

I thought i had covered it on the blog, but the search box isnt finding it?

Again, it wasnt cheap - so I think it may have come "ready built"?

There have been various other options over the years, with SOARART of Hongkong being the most persistiant in production and availability.

KDK(Kami de Korokoro) did a sort run section of flightdeck and island.

SWEET obviously do small sections of IJN Deck & Lifts, they also did a USN deck section early on but seems less avialble other than ebay (hint: search 144th, not just 144)

feltmeyer3FJR said...

There is a company on e-bay offering this as a built up kit, but the price tag is $5000 dollars. A little to much for my budget. I have tried contacting them to see if they would sell it to me as a kit......but have never recieved any response. Which is too bad .... as the Akagi and her sister from Carrier Division 1 the Kaga would be the ultimate for me in 144 scale.

bluedonkey99 said...

Indeed $5000 is a lot of money!

How much would you reckon a kit costing ?


Unknown said...

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