Sunday, March 21, 2010

1/144 Grumman OV-1A "Mowhawk" - Miniwing

As exclusively previewed on this blog last month => here

Minwing have released another great kit, I think this is were producers like Miniwng score highly over the big boys such as Revell etc. It it their ability to take risks and produce unusal items that otherwise would not be seen.

It has been mastered by Kampflieger, who is building a solid reputation for producing good masters of varied subjects.

It must be noted that the panel lines are once again very fine and subtle, and therefore were quite difficult to get to show up on the photographs (at standard size). This means that you can be assured there are now huge canyons running between the panels!!

Two Decals options, and these as usual are printed by YKraft of Japan

Initially I would not have been drawn to this item, but having seen it and had it in my hands, I really like this! A nice and interesting subject well done.

Further images can be found on the website => Here

Available Now: Direct from Miniwing, or usual stockist such as 144Shop(Cz/Eu), Hannants(UK) or Nostalgic Plastic(USA).

My "Super-HD" Edition + Bonus photos (3072 x 2304 [1.5mb] each) can be seen here:
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