Saturday, March 06, 2010

1/144 JASDF Blue Impluse Display Team - Doyusha (Dragon)

To celebrate the 50 anniversary of the creation of the "Blue Impulse" Acrobatic Display Team, doyusha are releasing this special 6 aircraft display team.

The stands, must be noted of interest. It it mentioned that with these stands and combination of the aircraft it is possible to recreated all the formaitons of the "Blue Impuse" Actobatic Display Team.
It is though the stands may come with two display height options and with 360 Degree pivoiting heads.

There is no expectation for a Series Special, unless there was a one time historical aircraft? It would be hard to see how you could have special item on this series?

Depending on your view this is either brilliant or formulaic? Probably a very sucessful release in Japan.
If they could do this for other Acrobatic Display Teams of the world, it could be cool? RAF Red Arrows, USAF Thunderbirds,
Patrouille Suisse, Russian Knights?

Interestingly, this is still a "blind set" series so there will be trading required to get the full set

Cost: 600 Yen (each Item)
Available: April 2010


John Haverstock said...

I think its great. I would love to see Doyusha use their very nice little F-4EJ molds to make a series of other F-4E users: US, Turkey, Greece, Germany, Egypt, Israel et al. Even better would be a colorful series of navy jets with new noses for F-4B.C/D and F-4Js. Maybe even some RF-4s... The market is certainly there and the kit breaks down in such a way that it would be easy enough for them to do. Anyone out there know how to get in touch with them?

John Haverstock said...

Let me clarify before some one calls me out on this. I should have been more clear: a short nose F-4 such as an F-4D for example, that could be used to make an F-4B,C,D,J,N & S. I can live with fat wings on my F-4Bs :-)

Ant Sized Man said...

Cool collection,be great if other national display teams are released.