Monday, May 03, 2010

1/144 A&W Models - Japanese Kits

A&W Models
ANiGRAND & WiLLING Resin kit Project 2010

A new venture is being launched and will be bringing a range of themed kits to the Japanese market. It is not clear at this stage if they will be available from the Anigrand site for the rest of the world?

Japanese Site:
English Site: catalog = here =

AW144001 ShinMaywa UF-XS JMSDF
HU-16C/UF-1 Grumman flying boat produced by experimental modifications to the albatross ShinMaywa. UF-XS first flight 1962.

AW144002 Mitsubishi Type-93 / Army Light Bomber Ki-2
Light Twin engined bomber of World War II Japanese war. 1933。
Main areaa of activity North China.
(looks like (is) a Junkers S36/K37

AW144003 Nakajima E8N DAVE
A well perfoming aircraft excelled in China conflict demontrating its excellent maneuverability, and was used for bombing, reconnaissance and even aerial combat.

AW144004 Mitsubishi Ka-14 Navy Fighter (IJN)
The Imperial Navy's first all-metal monoplane fighter.

AW144005 Kawasaki Type92 KDA-5 Army Fighter (IJA)
Publish Post
ped in 1930, it had excellent performance and set a national aviation records.

AW144006 ShinMeiwa US-2 Maritime Self Defence
A Rescue flying boat developed from the US-1A, with integrated instrument panel and fly by wire system, glass cockpit and pressurized cabin.

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