Sunday, May 23, 2010

1:144 Pak 43 L/71 & Munitionswagen 38(d) - CGD

CGD have issues a late ware/panzer'46 items to their range of items.
In the form of a pre-painted combination of PAK 43 L/71 with Munitionswagen 38(d)

Why 38(d) and not (t), interesting point...?
Although ministry plans indicated that components of the 38(t) should be used for cost saving the two main companies (Mann & Ardelt) in the competition to produce the 38(d) Waffen Trager did not use the standard 38(t) chassis (as per Achtung Panzer and PanzerTracts Reference sources)

Available: Now
Price@ $15 USD (both items, +supplies)
Source: Combat-Group-Dynamix
More: DivisionPanzer144


Anonymous said...

anyone got a link to a site where I can actually buy these??

bluedonkey99 said...

Use the "Contact Seller" here;