Monday, May 17, 2010

Shizuoka Hobby Show and P144 Exhibition!

Latest news from the show last weekend:

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rkmasu said...

revell A-10 not old LS?
the Eurofighter !!! is new..
Platz Lady Jessie A-4 is a classic ... but we could dream with versions without humpback?...or A-4M and earlier versions some Top Gun agressors (jester and viper)?
Zweet comments..
the come back of FAOW itens NICE!! since they still the best trading toys to rework...nice fit,easy paint to remove..
Star wars 4...please... stay in 1/144 scale...still have more things to do...Tie bomber is nice..but still have republic Gunship,sith infiltrator..etç...
And Minicraft still reboxing old bones.....still want make more victims...
and not a single sign of Academy new jets?.. the Grippen,F-22?
Trump is quiet too...a new Tu-22 was not in plans(better if was the early Tu-22 blinder)..and still not have Su-24 and Su-27/30 kits!!!