Monday, May 02, 2011

1/144 Hanger, HAS & Bunker - By GPM

1/144 Hanger, HAS & Bunker - By GPM.

GPM is a Polish company that I first bought to your attention some time back in 2007, since that time they have expanded their 1/144 range by introducing a range of more affordable and user friendly card based models (inc transparencies for windows where appropriate). The range now includes an excellent WWII Hanger, and a Cold War style Modern Hardened Aircraft Shelter.

The basic construction of these items is based on varying thicknesses of laser-cut card and hard boards that whilst having some colour lend themselves to being painted and enhanced with additional railway style diorama products.

The hangers and shelters are nice renditions of the items concerned, and if ever you wanted to build one of the 1945 style bombed out Luftwaffe Hangers this is the once. Its not too expensive and would be easy to cut and distress to get that beleaguered effect!? (It obviously looks great fully intact too!)

The post-war Hardened Aircraft Shelter would look great certainly for an Warsaw Pact style diorama, but would also look good with other aircraft of that period.

If you have the built the Tom-Tom hanger these should not be too much of a stretch beyond that, if you haven't it would be worth while having a practice on the Tom-Tom hanger to get your and and eye experienced.

The postage on either of the Hanger or Todt card based items is fairly standard, the postage on the Todt Batterie is likely to be much more and worth noting this at the checkout! It was a pleasure however to be on the receiving end of prompt and quick Post (credit to the Polish Mail Service and Royal Mail!)

The Todt Batterie is slightly different scenario. It is a 'mixed media' kit and contains metal, card and 'plaster of Paris' based components (these are the heavy parts) such as the casement and some of the surrounding parts. It is worth noting that to make a truly excellent job of your Todt Batterie then some additional modelling and landscaping would be required.

1/144 Hanger by GPM -
Available: Now
Price: 10.26 Euro 13.79 USD

1/144 (HAS) Hardend Aircraft shelter by GPM
Available: Now
Price: 10.26 Euro 13.79 USD

1/144 Todt Batterie by GPM
Available: Now
Price: 45.90 Euro 61.72 USD


pbhawkin said...

Yes, I saw these too and really must get one. If it is laser cut card then that will make it VERY easy to build with a high degree of accuracy. 14EUR is reasonable too! I had a go at someone on the TMP boards who wanted a link to hangers as there weren't any that he knew about and then complained it was too expensive!! So I let him know that complaining about a lack of a certain product and then complaining about it's price when it does come available is one way to stop people making short run custom type things!!

bluedonkey99 said...

I Agree, I do find it frustrating when compalin there isnt a product X or Y, and then are outrage at the price of something that is plainly quite resonable considering someone has do design, produce and resale something.

I know there will always be times when we think something isnt great value, but some people appear to have a very low threshold!

JFaria said...

I have selected you for the Stylish Blogger Award

bluedonkey99 said...


Thank you, although I am not sure I would call my blog stylish! ;-)


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