Saturday, May 21, 2011

1/144 Tank Depot 10x Figure Set - CGD

1/144 Tank Depot 10x Figure Set (Unpainted)- by CGD

A number of factors have led to CGD to release an interesting set of figures. The demand by modellers to have accurate scale 1/144 to enhance their dioramas, and more interesting for the whole 3D printing experience Shapeways are trailing a new "ultra fine" print medium. This has led CGD to design some figures that look like figures and not just a collection of lumps and bumps!

You will get 10 figures in an assortment of poses, designed to be used around an "armour maintenance depot", interestingly these come with detachable foot places so you can have your figure supported on its own base, or detached the figure can be attached to diorama directly (remember to paint them first!)

Note: This material provided by Shapeways makes they figure more like Resin than Plastic, and may need care when handling.

HD Images: Build Figures Gallery

Availiable: May 2011 (Limited Edition)
Price: $19.90 (via CGD Ebay)
Price: $

See CGD for more info:

or, they can be added to a shapeways order at:

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