Wednesday, May 25, 2011

1/44 Stealth Black Hawk - Dragon

1/44 Stealth Black Hawk "Operation Geronimo"- Dragon

Dragon are treating the 1/144 modeler very well this year, first the Chinese J-20, and now the 'Stealth Black Hawk' used in the recent raid in Pakistan.

Not a lot of information to provide at the moment:

Available: tbc
Price: $16

It appears to be a "1+1" kit, so two kits in the box

Link: Dragon Kit #4628


rkmasu said...

wow...the paki gov has not said they will not sell the wreckage to chinese..?
Again Dragon making quick cake and try make quick easy money...
to bad for me who wants more ancient planes as injection kits of SuKhois,Mig-31,Tr-1/u-2R,a F-4K or Fgr, a sea vixen,Sea venon,a Ac-119K,a F-84G,...maybe these itens are insignificant to aviation history..
well at least F-toys and Cafereo is doing a good job with their Trading toys and covering the holes..

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for the Iraqi Mobile Bio-Weapons Truck that Colon Powell showed the UN. Would also like the Iranian NBC Scud Missile firing fishing trawler. Both in 1/144 scale if possile

John Haverstock said...

Revell makes a convincing MiG-31, but the others on your list would help fill out a lot of collections. I would also love to see more early American jets like the F-89, -94, -86D, Voodoos, but most of all a Spey engined Phantom.

zap123 said...

The Revell Mig-31 is a dog with fleas and heart worm!

John Haverstock said...

I know, Revell's is the worst MiG-31 in 1/144 scale. But, its also the best.

Could you fill us in on Revell's shortcomings and make us all MiG-31 experts? If you don't want to do it here, you can email me directly at .


zap123 said...

Essentially, the kit is presented as a 2 seater Mig-25, and as such it is completely wrong. Off the top of my head, the forward fuselage of the real thing has a constant diameter centre barrel, not the drastically tapered one Revell give us. Main body box is wrong (too short, too narrow a cross section, intakes too narrow and tall and incorrect profile), as is the radome (too small), as are the rear burners (too short). No surprise the canopy is wrong (too narrow). There's no gun, undercart is a joke. Wing dimensions are actually close, but the horizontal stabs are too small. Needless to say the panel detail is just made up.

John Haverstock said...

In my humble opinion, if we were 1/72 or 1/48 scale guys, we might have some room to be picky. Frankly, I'm just happy to have one of anything in our beloved scale, even if it isn't perfect. Its better than not having one at all.

By the way, the MiG-31 kit I built is presented as a two seater and looks about right compared to photos and doesn't look much like a two seat MiG-25 at all, though I have to admit, Ive never really scrutinized either of them under a magnifying glass or against a real airframe.

Thanks for sharing your observations.