Thursday, August 11, 2011

1-144 F-Toys "70's" Jets Vol.1 (updated)

1-144 F-Toys "70's" Jets Vol.1

Lightning MK.6
a. Royal Air Force, 23 Squadron
b. Royal Air Force, 11th Squadron
c. Royal Saudi Air Force, 13th Fighter Squadron

MiG-21 bis
a. Soviet Air Force
b. Polish Navy
c. Air Force Finland

J35 Drakken
a. Austrian Army Air Corps
b. Swedish Air Force
c. Swedish Air Force

Available: October 2011
Price: @500 yen each item


John Haverstock said...

Odd choices, since these are all available in kit form. I think we all could have certainly come up with some better groupings....

rmasu said...

I think same..
I will only get one of each or only 2 or 3 mig-21..
It could be better if they choose Mirage III E ,Super Etandart,Harrier GR3/ Sea Harrier(and let the old crown kits RIP).
They even could name as Falklands/Malvinas war boxset.
In place of Draken I would choose Viggen...
Another good boxset could be the T-birds(training birds) as T-37,T-38(so many USAF pilots trained),T-2(buckeye),T-27,or the new generation as T-50 or M346, and new Yak..

pgwheel said...

HLJ lists release date as late October

Anonymous said...

Lightnings! Goody Goody I'll get loads

David Campbell

Ant Sized Man said...

Lightning and the Mk6 at that, my favorite jet of all time , RESULT!!!

zang92 said...

Once more, we're gonna buy models
we already have in various forms in
our collections. It is very sad that no manufacturer have realized
that the most exciting period of
airplane history, remains for sure the Fifties with all the fantastic jet planes being developped at that time in the whole world. And I
am sure they would sell, best proof
being the resin model market selling high priced hard to build
models. JCP

zap123 said...

These are all 1950's jets.

The Mig-21 bis has never been done before so that's a bonus. Difficult to imagine they'll top the Pit Road Drakken so that's a bust, and the Lightning is.....urgggh.


Anonymous said...

Happy to see the Lightnings, the old Revell is hard to find then not cheap when you do.
I agree with rmasu's 70's choices and like zang92's remarks about the early jets.
I am surprised F Toys hasn't been done more with Soviet fighters.