Wednesday, August 24, 2011

1/144 Pit-Road "Pre-Coloured" Eurofighter(s)

1/144 Pit-Road "Pre-Coloured" Eurofighter(s)
As these appear early days protoype sprues, it is not clear how much assembly you will need to do.
It can be seen in the photos that as per the description that these are indeed prepainted.

Although the photos on Hobby Search show the same weapons sprues, the text would seem indicate that the waepons packs should be as per the original kits.

Available: September 2011
Price: @2300 Yen

Pit-Road "Pre-Coloured" Eurofighter - Luftwaffe (SNP08)
Prepainted kit and decals (included Austrian Markings)

Pit-Road "Pre-Coloured" Eurofighter - RAF (SNP07)

Prepainted kit and decals (and 'what-if' JASDF Markings!)

an interesting comparision of Revell vs Pit Road at ARC Forums

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