Wednesday, August 03, 2011

1/144 Krupp Protze L2H143 w/ Pak 36 - CGD

1/144 Krupp Protze L2H143 (Kfz.70) w/ Pak 36 - CGD

The Krupp-Protze L2H143 kfz61 was a widely used 6 wheeled truck and artillery tractor in WWII. Most commonly for towing the Pak 36. In various configurations, about 7000 units were built.

Frequently instead of towing the Pak 36, crews put the whole Pak unit on top of the truck turning the vehicle into a self-propelled gun, or as in this model, permanently mounted on the vehicle without the carriage.

Source: CGD@EBAY
Available: August 2011
Cost: $18.90 USD


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Very good model!

Compare to all the 144 makers like Takara, Dragon, Trumpeter, MT, PD and Strategist even all the Japanese resin makers, this is the best!

From Germany

Anonymous said...

Are you joking ?!

Anonymous said...

hi Germany Anonymous

CGD version is good - although there are tons of competitor from Japan like

and the one Toyko144 selling at eBay is 2007 Naniwamiriteru's Krupp L2H143

from Canada

Anonymous said...

hi D.Chan from Canada

Can you explain how good is the CGD version? Have you already brought it?