Sunday, September 04, 2011

1/144 Sukhoi Su-24 Su-24 'Fencer' C - Miniwing

1/144 Sukhoi Su-24 Su-24 'Fencer C' - Miniwing
The 1/144 world has been waiting for a Su-24 for some time, and then two arrive at once ! However, the Tripplenuts Su24  kit will much more difficult to obtain without a ticket to Tokyo.

The kit conforms to the Miniwing signature format and feel being cleanly cast and with well defined panel lines, although a little care will be required joining the fuselage halves.

The main kits comprise of  36 resin components and the new style crystal clear resin canopy, also on this kit there is a fret of 12 Photo Etched parts for added detailing.Assembly and painting instructions are also included.  The 'Variable Geometry' wings are not articulated, so it would probable best to establish the angle you wish to display and fix them at the degrees required.

Decals are provided by Y-Kraft of Japan, for the following options:
-    Su-24, Soviet Air Force 149th GvBAP 
-  Su-24, Soviet Air Force in Afghanistan 1984

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