Saturday, September 17, 2011

1/144 USA WWII T28 Super Assault Tank - CGD

1/144 USA WWII T28 Super Assault Tank - CGD

Design to oppose the growing threat from the increasingly large German "mega" tanks, and to smash 'Fortress Europe' the allies developed new series of there own 'mega tanks' to counter the perceived German Threat. The British developed the A-39 Tortoise, and the Americans the T28 and atroughly the size of 4x Shermans this would have been quite a beast! 

Initially designated as 105 mm Gun Motor Carriage T95, it was renamed as Super Heavy Tank T28 in 1946.2 prototypes were built before the program terminated in 1947. The sole surviving prototype was not discovered until 1974 and is now exhibited in the Patton Museum of Cavalry and Armor.

Available: September 2011
Price: $19.90
From: CGD Shop
CGD also can supply the A-39 Tortoise

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