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1/144 CM11 Brave Tiger Main Battle Tank - Strategist

1/144 CM11 Brave Tiger Main Battle Tank - Strategist

The CM-11 was a Taiwanese creation that evolved the American-made M48 Patton series (in particular the M48H production model) of main battle tanks even further.

The M48 has her origins in a 1951 requirement. Seeing production begin in 1952 and being formally designated in 1953. Production ran up to 1959 with some 11,700 examples delivered. However, like the M48 before it, the armor protection afforded to the internal systems an crew of the CM-11 Brave Tiger leave something to be desired against the new wave of main battle tanks and man-portable anti-tank killing systems.

The CM-11 “Brave Tiger” was born in 1990 by upgrading the family line with a modified M48A2 turret and newer M60 Patton mail battle tank hulls. The turret fitted a 105mm main gun, an advanced fire control system, stabilized sights, ballistics computer and thermal imaging. In many ways, this modernization of the aged M48 brought the Taiwanese version on par with the newer M60 Patton while incorporating some elements of the advanced American M1 Abrams in the process. Accuracy was improved by way of a joined imaging and target system as well as dual-axis stabilization for target tracking and firing on the move. There is a 7.62mm machine gun on a pintle mount outside of the commander’s cupola hatch. Like the base M48, the CM-11 is crewed by four personnel made up of the driver (seated front, center in the hull), the gunner, loader and commander. The commander sits to the right of the turret, just behind the gunner, while the loader is to his left.

Power is supplied through a General Dynamics AVDS-1790-2C series diesel engine developing 750 horsepower. This allows for a top speed of 30 miles per hour on ideal surfaces and a reported (somewhat optimistic) range of 311 miles. Armor is 5.63 inches (143mm) at its thickest. Total weight is said to be around 49.2 tons (or 50,000kg).

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fbminis said...

I've been following your blog for a long time and I caught the 1/144 bug! I have just uploaded my first models to Shapeways and I'd like to ask you if you ever bought models printed in Sandstone. I wonder if this is a good choice of material to print bunkers and fortifications. Thank you!