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1/144 IJN Type 4 'Ka-Tsu' - Dameya

1/144 IJN Type 4 'Ka-Tsu' - Dameya
The Type 4 Ka-Tse was a Japanese version of a LVT, and was designed to carry cargo or troops. It had an unusual ability to be made watertight and could even be carried stowed on the decks of submarine, such as the I-36  Type B1 Submarine,  A version was also developed to carry aerial torpedoes in order to attack the american fleet in the pacific atolls. It had a crew of 4, and could carry 40 troops or 4 Tons of cargo.

Operation Tatsumaki

April 1944:Operation "Tatsumaki" (Tornado) - Amphibious Tank Attack at Majuro, Marshall Islands:
Inland Sea. I-44 participates in training with I-36, I-38, I-41 and I-53. The operation calls for the submarines to carry amphibious Type 4 'Ka-Tsu' armed with torpedoes from Kure to Majuro. There they are to be put ashore, make their way overland, enter the water again and make a torpedo attack on American ships. Later, the plan is cancelled.

Dameya has released both versions of the armed and regular Type 4 Ka-Tsu using Shapeways FUD (Frosted Ultra Detail to ensure maximum detailing.
1/144 IJN Type 4 'Ka-Tsu (Normal)  < here >
1/144 IJN Type 4 'Ka-Tsu (Armed, Operation "Tatsumaki" )  < here >

Dameya has prepared a page in English on the Type 4 'Ka-Tsu':
further detailed photos on the Type4 'Ka-Tsu' can be found here

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