Wednesday, March 21, 2012

1/144 T-34/85 & Czech Bunkers - ROPIK

1/144 T-34/85 & Czech Bunkers - SAMEK/ROPIK
Last year I featured the Samek/Ropik range of Resin cast Czechoslovakian bunkers from this small producer in the Republic, see KG144BBS here

Thr subjects covered are Czech built light bunker (light Objects) defences from the 1936+ period.
Photos and Text (use google translate etc)
More photos, plus ground plans:

The price for these is @ 90-150 Czech Koruna , and shown above the limited edition T-S 73 'Stachelberg' kit at 499 Czech Koruna which are very reasonable price for these items. The translation appears to say "ceramic" but i think that "Plaster of Paris"/Gypsum Plaster maybe more apt and explain the pricing?

In addition to the bunkers, is a all new resin T-34/85 kit with photo etched tracks, price to be determined

Source: and MPNshop

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