Monday, April 01, 2013

1/144 JU-52/3m "Operation Mercure" Crete, May 1941 - Hobby Master

1/144 JU-52/3m "Operation Mercur" Crete, May 1941 - Hobby Master
Hobby Master are extending their line of excellent Ju-52 with what looks to be a more usual but interesting paint scheme compared to many of the usual 'splinter' or 'winter' schemes we have seen from other producers.

This scheme is for a Ju-52 participating in Unternehmen Merkur (Operation Mercury) otherwise known as the Invasion or Battle of Crete.

JU-52/3m g4e 4U + NH "Operation Mercur" Crete, May 1941

Available: April 2013

Others may like to be reminded that this scheme also features in the Eduard Ju-52 kit

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