Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1/144 US Navy Collection Vol.2 - F-Toys

1/144 US Navy Collection Vol.2 - F-Toys
Expect the usual mix of item and series special plus the newer extra of limited edition lottery item

Available: July 2013

A-4E / F Skyhawk (U.S. Navy / Marine Corps),
F-8E / J Crusader,
FA-18E Super Hornet.



John Haverstock said...

The Scooter is a very welcome addition. I'm sure they will be great models but not too excited for more F-8s and F-18s. Its hard to beat the already available injection and trading kits of these.
A T-2, TA-4J/OA-4M, F3D or anything from the 50s would be nice.
John H.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the early A-4 is a nice compliment to the Jwings a-4m but the others....jeez. Done to death.

An A-7 reissue would have been more welcome.

Or a Vigilante, Panther....something fresh

John Haverstock said...

The panther & cougar have already been done, though I would be happy to see a new one from F Toys. The An A3J/A-5A would be nice too, but these can be converted from an otaki RA-5C kit with a little patience. Frankly, like you I would like to see new models of unfamiliar airframes rather than new models of ones that have already been done (to death. And there are plenty of gaps in 1/144 scale that could be filled instead of another set of Hornets or Zeros.