Saturday, April 13, 2013

1/144 Panzer IV mit Schmalturm by CGD

1/144 Panzer IV mit Schmalturm by CGD

1:144 Wehrmacht '46 German Panzer IV mit Schmallturm 7.5cm L/70 (KwK 42)
Rotating turret and two detachable Schurzen. Infrared devices are also built into the commander's hatch nd driver's view port.

"BergepanzerIV" - Bergepanzer IV was an armoured recovery vehicle based on the Panzer IV chassis. Panzer IV was the most widely manufactured and deployed German tank in WWII since late 1930s. It has numerous variants and also was used as basis for other fighting vehicles including tank destroyers and Flakpanzers. 21 Bergepanzer IVs were converted from Panzer IV hulls returned for repair between Oct. 1944 and Jan 1945. Turrets were removed and turret ring covered with a wooden plank cover with access hatch. A 2-ton jib crane and rigid towing bars were added.


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