Thursday, February 22, 2018

1/144 Boeing B-50 Superfortress - Minicraft

1/144 B-50 Superfortress - Minicraft

The B-50 evolved from the B-29 which was used during World War II. Modifications were made to the B-29 to improve speed and payload and to integrate the delivery of new atomic weapons into the aircraft design. The modified airplane was expected to become the B-29D but so many modifications were made that the airplane was re-designated the Boeing B-50, the first purpose built aircraft to carry atomic weapons.

The new Minicraft B-50 will feature all new tooling representing the aircraft first flown in 1947. The new kit will feature rotating propellers, position-able landing to display with gear up or down, and a clear stand for displaying the airplane in flight.

Decals, printed by Cartograf will offer two marking options.

Minicraft 2018 Catalogue

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