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USAF/VNAF AC-119G Shadows & AC-119K Stingers in the Vietnam

1/144  USAF/VNAF AC-119G Shadows & AC-119K Stingers in the Vietnam - AOA Decal

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This 1/144 decal sheet includes marking options for AC-119G Shadow and AC-119K Stinger gunships in the Vietnam War as operated by the United States Air Force (USAF) and the South Vietnam Air Force (VNAF). Although the AC-119G Shadow variant is not available in kit form, the Shadow can be easily represented by relatively basic modifications to the Roden AC-119K Stinger kit.

14 Marking Options Included:

Six USAF AC-119G Shadows covering 71st Special Operations Squadron (SOS) and 17th SOS:

The Devil's Advocate, City of Columbus Indiana, The Charlotte Representative, Burks Law, and two Charlie Chasers marked aircraft (all options provided also carried a variation of the Shadow III insignia).

Six USAF AC-119K Stingers covering 18th SOS:

Montezuma's Revenge, Fly United, Good Grief! The Pea-nut Special, The Super Sow, The Polish Cannon, and Black Killer Duck.

Two VNAF AC-119G Shadows covering 819th Attack Squadron.

NOTE: No specific VNAF AC-119K Stingers from 821st Attack Squadron are provided. However, other than the addition of the the Vietnamese fin flash on the tail, the VNAF Stingers did not appear to have any other unique markings after inheriting the aircraft from 18th SOS. All of the USAF AC-119K aircraft on this sheet were transferred to the VNAF in 1972/73 (minus the nose art), and as such, the Vietnamese fin flashes provided could be used with the AC-119K tail codes to represent a VNAF AC-119K Stinger if desired.

Data/stencil sets provided for at least TWO aircraft with variations of certain markings also provided as options. Also included are decals for both the original AeroProducts 4-bladed propellers and the later Hamilton Standard 3-bladed propellers (used by both VNAF options and also Black Killer Duck). Additionally, decals provided for the flare launcher's compressed air/nitrogen bottles' markings and as well as the illuminator's various placards/warnings.

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