Sunday, September 23, 2018

1/144 BAC Strikemaster "2 kits in box" - Miniwing

1/144 BAC  Strikemaster "2 kits in box" - Miniwing

Another great injection kit from Miniwing, with the injection moulding  of this kit is of a high quality, with fine detailing and panel lines.

Sprues (29 Parts), injected canopies complete two complete aircraft, with a choice of three decal schemes are provided.

- BAC Strikemaster NZ6360, Royal New Zealand Airforce
- BAC Strikemaster #1123, Royal Saudi Airforce
- BAC Strikemaster FAE262, Ecuadorian Airforce

Available from: September 2018
Cost: @£12GBP, from usual stockists.

The BAC 167 Strikemaster is essentially an armed version of the Jet Provost T Mk 5; the Strikemaster was modified with an uprated engine, wing hardpoints capable of carrying 4 500 pound Mk82 bombs, two machine guns under the intakes, uprated flap system with two jacks, larger airbrake jacks, new communication and navigation gear, different electrical system, canopy breakers on the ejection seats, and a revised fuel system including conformal fuel tanks on the wing tips.[2] First flown in 1967, the aircraft was marketed as a light attack or counter-insurgency aircraft, but most large-scale purchasers were air forces wanting an advanced trainer, although Ecuador, Oman and Yemen have used their aircraft in combat. A total of 146 were built.

RRole Attack aircraft, trainer aircraft
Manufacturer British Aircraft Corporation
First flight 26 October 1967
Retired 1993[1]
Status retired
Primary users Saudi Arabia
Kenya Air Force
Royal New Zealand Air Force
Royal Air Force of Oman
Produced 1967-1984
Number built 146
Developed from BAC Jet Provost

Operated by 11 Countries.

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John Haverstock said...

what a fantastic little kit! Miniwing's has really outdone themselves with this one!